"The customer service Jim provided was amazing. We hit several bumps in the road with our lender and Jim navigated me through them with excellence, helping me to understand the complexities of what was occurring. Jim is prompt to respond to all questions and concerns. I am not easily impressed... but I am impressed with this company. Even after the loan closed Jim was still working for me to make sure all transitions were seamless. You can't go wrong calling on Jim."
- C Williams

"Jim Ward walked me through the refinance process in a reassuring and helpful manner. My questions were answered and explanations were given, often immediately, either by phone or email. There were a few setbacks along the way but Jim led me through them and minimized the frustrations. My refinance was completed within the 30 day window. Jim was knowledgeable and professional throughout the process."
- J Mulford

"Great guy and very helpful. I would definitely recommend him to friends and family. He is very responsive and met us in order to sign the documents at a place pretty far from his office. Very customer service oriented."
- kmatlage

"Jim Ward was one of the best mortgage professionals I have ever worked with. He answered all of my questions immediately, and even worked with me on a weekend as we neared closing. He got my rate lock extended one day after I inadvertently signed in the wrong place on one of the closing documents and made sure everything went through. I would highly recommend him."
- L Welbourn

"My loan was very complicated and unlikely to go through but Jim took it on and made it work. Very thorough, communicated well with lenders and myself to make a seamless transaction. Highly recommended"
- R Lousarian

"At first, I was weary of going with a lender sight unseen, but I took a chance because the rate Jim quoted was lower than anyone else at the time, and one other company by at more than 0.5%. This time, taking a chance really paid off.
Jim provided a stellar service. Almost immediate response every time I sent a request, no matter the day or time, and he really followed through and kept me up to date. If you have to work with a lender face to face and a handshake, you'll just have to live with a higher rate. If you don't mind communicating via e-mail, and if you don't mind exchanging all your info via a secure site on the Internet, Jim is the one to talk to. I give him my highest rating."

- S Yoon

"Jim went above and beyond to make my sure deal went through. Not only was he a true professional, but he also gave me a great rate and and super fast service. I will use Jim everytime and will highly recommend him for your purchases."
- D Desousa

"Very knowldgeable and experienced professional. Jim had a great rate and was communicative and helpful throughout our refinance. We had done refi transactions before and not experienced so much help, planning, and helpful information as we did with Jim. Highly recommended!"
- R Sharma

"I found out about Jim through reviews in Zillow. I submitted an inquiry through Isle Pacific's website for a refinance loan and got an automatic e-mail response followed by a call from Jim within the hour. Jim was very helpful, he collected my information over the phone and was able to quote me a rate right away. I had just obtained a quote from another broker which was about 9% higher than what Jim quoted me. I submitted the information he requested during the remaining of the day and was able to lock in my rate the very next day. The whole process was quick and super easy, it took one month from initial contact to funding. Highly recommend Jim."
- R Garcia

"Jim is a truly outstanding mortgage broker! He was able to get me a highly competitive rate, and at the same time he provided excellent service and an amazing level of clarity throughout the whole process.
Jim immediately responded to all emails and calls, and took time to explain everything very clearly. He spent a lot of time working with me to get exactly the right loan that fit my needs. I am truly impressed with his level of service. As an added bonus, his pricing was also the best.
5 stars all around. Could not recommend more highly. Thanks Jim!"

- P Valdez

"I wish I could give Isle Pacifica and Jim Ward 100 stars! I have delt with a lot of lenders in my home purchase and refinance in shopping and through the process. Jim Ward was the absolute number one. Not only were their costs and rates lower than anyone out there, the service I received from them was stellar. He responded immediately to my calls and emails, even when they were after business hours and on weekends, and made the process easy answering all of my questions and concerns. We funded my refinance in three weeks and would have been earlier if escrow company was quicker. This is the first time I heard of anyone having a HUD-1 come out less than the GFE estimate! Everything he said was honest, and disclosures were up to date and sent out immediately if there were any changes. He helped out with all bumps in the road and eased all of the frustrations that come up during the mortgage process . He kept the rate and lock as promised. He was professional, speedy, communicative, caring, and honest. I would recommend him and Isle Pacifica Mortgage for any of your mortgage needs bar none. USE JIM WARD you wont' be disappointed!"
- S Miller

"Jim was actively involved in all steps of our refinance and, even though the lender kept asking questions for this, paper for that, we closed well within the expected date. He provided numerous follow-ups even during the weekend. He oversaw the work of the Escrow to make sure all would be OK. Jim gave us the loan we asked for, and we did not feel pressured into taking something else. But most important, he respected his Good Faith Estimate until the end, what he presented to us initially was what we got. We now have a 15 year fixed on our house and can start planning retirement."
- Louis A

"Let me just start by saying that I have never had a more positive experience in purchasing or refinancing a home than I recently had with Jim Ward. Jim's responsiveness, interest rates, and fees blew everyone else out of the water! My refinance was just finalized and funded on September 24, 2014.
The first time I purchased a home, I paid approximately $7K in broker fees. Needless to say, I learned from that mistake and swore it would never happen again. The second time I dealt with a broker, I obtained almost a dozen quotes and ultimately decided to go with the lowest one. Unfortunately, after four weeks of being jerked around and lied to, I dropped the broker and went directly through the lender the broker originally planned to use. Although I got a decent rate without paying any broker or significant direct lender fees, it was almost six weeks of complete and utter chaos and stress. It is important to note that this method usually never works, as lenders under normal circumstances will not provide the same low rates directly to borrows that they provide to brokers because they depend on brokers to do all of their leg work (i.e., initiating the loan process, obtaining credit/loan applications, verifying collecting documents and stipulations required by the lender, verifying employment and income, working with title companies to finalize loan documents, answering questions via phone and email at all hours of the night, etc.).
The third and most recent time I dealt with a broker was when I decided to refinance my existing 15 year mortgage with Jim Ward. Before deciding that Jim was the best broker to deal with I spent over two weeks obtaining quotes from over 15 different direct lenders and brokers (the latter of which were primarily the top reviewed and lowest rates/fees advertised on Zillow). I researched all of them online utilizing sites including but not limited to the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Zillow, California Bureau of Real Estate, and any other websites that came up on any number of methodical Google searches I conducted using the name of the broker and the word "review." In performing my due diligence, which drove my wife absolutely crazy due to it taking weeks and being primarily conducted on nights during the workweek, I noticed that Jim Ward's business, Isle Pacifica Mortgage, had a period where it was inactive in the past, which I found troubling because all of my other research had led me to believe that Jim was the broker for me. I say the latter because he quoted me a 2.875% interest rate on a fixed 15 year mortgage while only charging me $2,250 for that rate and then crediting me back $1,179.04 for a net lending fee of $1,070.96. The next lowest quote I received wanted $3,888.00 for that same rate. Even at 3% they still wanted $2K. Surely, you can imagine what was running through my head at the time; I was thinking Jim Ward’s quote is too good to be true, and that there was no way the next best quote out of more than a dozen could be that much higher than Jim’s. It just didn’t make sense!
Well, I called Jim and told him what my research had yielded, and asked him to explain to me how he was able to offer such an unbelievably great deal. His answer made it easy for me to start the application process and obtain a rate lock that very same day. Jim said that he was in business back before the housing bust, and that everyone was doing stated income loans at the time. He refused to do them because he said that if the loans went bad he would be on the hook for them, so he made the decision to close his business and go to work for a couple of larger well known mortgage lenders as a wholesaler. After the housing bust and all of the subsequent regulations, he decided he could again open his business and not only be competitive in the mortgage broker world but actually make a decent living by charging a smaller fee than most brokers and offering better rates.
I cannot say enough good things about Jim Ward and his professionalism, integrity, transparency, honesty, and superb customer service and communication. He was one of the few brokers to provide me a quote in writing in the format of a GFE with a full-blown fee worksheet, while some of the others were sending me hand-typed emails with red and blue font in the body of the email to outline their quotes. Some wanted me to obtain an appraisal at my cost before obtaining a rate lock, and others refused to provide me with a GFE quote, much less a comprehensive fee worksheet, until I agreed to complete a full blown application and have my credit run. Keep in mind, again, these were not fly by night brokers but some of the highest rated on Zillow. Jim Ward is outstanding, just give him a call and you will see. Nobody else can touch his fees, rates, or customer service! Although rates are higher now than they were when I obtained my rate lock on August 25, 2014, there is no doubt in my mind that Jim is the best!!!"

- J Morgan

"If you are in the market for a loan in San Diego County I highly recommend that you speak with Jim Ward of Isle Pacifica Mortgage. Jim is courteous, polite and professional as he carefully explains every step of what can be a tedious process. I was so happy with Jim's service that I recommended him to a colleague at work who was also very pleased. Besides being very thorough and precise, Jim is also very personable as he lightens up the loan process with his terrific sense of humor. Jim Ward is an honest and trustworthy real estate professional. He is very knowledgeable of different loan products and always offers the best rates possible. I still call him from time to time when I have a real estate questions and he is always happy to help and be of assistance. I would use Jim Ward and Isle Pacifica Mortgage again and I always recommend them to friends and family members."
- T Troy

"One of the issues in Real Estate, and the funding world is that it's not our world, or I should say its not mine, so the best I can hope for when reaching out to a Professional is to get help. Help! What a concept, and that is exactly what I found in Jim Ward.
Jim spells it out, speaking slowly, deliberately, explaining all of the options, and terms available in the market. He also knows how to back up, and re-run the discussion so that I could catch up to the issues, and stay abreast along the way.
I was a first time buyer when I met Jim, and Jim was my first contact. I feel like I lucked out, as the entire process was always comprehensive."

- D Bright

"My Wife and I used Isle Pacifica Mortgage/Jim Ward three times over the past 15 years or so to refinance residential loans. On each occasion,Jim was professional with many resources at his disposal. He always provided accurate information and kept us up-to-date on the progress of the process. Over the years I recommended him to several close friends, all of whom had the same positive experience, and I would not hesitate to recommend him in the future."
- G Klein

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"Jim went above and beyond to make my sure deal went through. Not only was he a true professional, but he also gave me a great rate and and super fast service. I will use Jim everytime and will highly recommend him for your purchases."
- D Desousa

"My wife and I have used Isle Pacifica Mortgage three times over the past 15 years or so to refinance residential loans. On each occasion, Jim was professional with many resources at his disposal. Over the years I recommended Jim to several close friends, all of whom had the same positive experience, and I would not hesitate to recommend him in the future."
  - Michael Specht